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32nd Birthday - 2/1/16
If tears could build a staircase,
And heartache build a lane,
We'd walk the path to heaven,
And bring you back again.

I am the Ocean

written by Alejandra Montiel, Age: 9

I am the Ocean wild and free,
Watch the winds blow over me.
My tides go up, my tides go down,
I leave creatures upon the ground.
Creatures big, creatures small,
I provide the food for them all.
I'm many colors--brown, blue and green,
Sometimes even black, it seems.
I'm brown when it's stormy out;
The clouds cry tears when I pout.
I'm blue when the weather's clear,
Then people around me have no fear.
Green is when the sun shines down,
Mixing colors all around.
Black is when the oil spills;
This is the stuff that gets me ill.
My sandy beaches are orangish brown;
Come walk upon my sandy ground.
You might find my shells upon the beach.
Please throw them back for me to reach.
People love to visit me year 'round.
I feel their feet upon my ground.
Children run around and shout.
While my tides rush in and out.
I am the ocean wild and free.
Come walk the sandy face of me.

Published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans - 1994 Edition

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